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Lantana Landscaping

We provide a range of landscaping services, handling everything for you – sprinkler repair, drainage, tree trimming and more!

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Lantana Landscapers and Sprinkler Repair

If you are looking for a reliable and professional Lantana landscaping and sprinkler repair company, look no further than TLC The Landscape Company. As an award winning landscaping company, we have over 15 years of experience in providing top-quality sprinkler repair and landscaping services throughout Denton and Collin County. We are dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction and enhancing the exterior of your home with our services.

Landscaping in Lantana, TX

At TLC, we’re more than just a landscaping company; we’re your partners in transforming your outdoor oasis. Our team of seasoned professionals understands the unique needs of Lantana’s landscapes and is dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

At TLC The Landscape Company, we can help you create and maintain a stunning landscape that complements your home and the surrounding environment. We offer a wide range of Lantana landscaping services, including:

We use only the best products and materials for our Lantana landscaping projects, and we pay special attention to the details of every job.

Lantana Sprinkler Repair

A well-functioning sprinkler system is essential for keeping your lawn and garden healthy and green. However, sprinkler systems can develop problems over time, such as leaks, clogs, broken heads, faulty valves, and low water pressure. These issues can result in wasted water, high water bills, and damage to your landscape.

That’s why you need TLC The Landscape Company for your sprinkler repair needs. We have a team of licensed, insured, and experienced technicians who can handle any sprinkler system issue, from simple fixes to complex replacements. We also offer sprinkler system tune-ups, maintenance, inspections, and upgrades to ensure your system is working at its optimal level.

Some of the sprinkler repair services we provide are:

  • Sprinkler control box replacement and repair
  • Fixing or replacing leaking or broken sprinkler heads
  • Repairing broken sprinkler valves
  • Cleaning and repairing clogged nozzles
  • Replacing and repairing cut or damaged wires
  • Repairing or replacing broken pipes
  • Capping off sprinkler heads
  • Adjusting poor spray patterns and wasted water
  • Stopping running water that won’t stop running
  • Wire/valve location

In addition to sprinkler repair, we also offer drainage installation solutions, such as French drains, to prevent flooding and erosion on your lawn. We also install and service irrigation controllers and remote management systems, which allow you to control your sprinkler system from your smartphone or computer. These smart devices can help you save water, money, and time by adjusting your watering schedule based on weather conditions and plant needs.

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Lantana Landscaping FAQ

Q: How often should I schedule sprinkler inspections?

A: We recommend bi-annual inspections to ensure optimal performance, especially before seasons with significant weather changes.

Q: Is mulch installation necessary for my beds?

A: Mulch offers various benefits, including moisture retention and weed prevention, making it a valuable addition to any landscape.

Q: Can I install a smart irrigation controller myself?

A: While it is possible, a professional installation with TLC ensures proper setup and integration for seamless control and efficiency.

Top 5 Things to Do When Visiting Lantana

  1. Lantana Golf Club: Experience a round of golf amidst picturesque landscapes.
  2. Lantana Trails: Explore the scenic trails and embrace nature’s beauty.
  3. Local Parks: Enjoy picnics and leisurely strolls in Lantana’s well-maintained parks.
  4. Dining at Local Eateries: Delight in the culinary diversity offered by Lantana’s restaurants.
  5. Community Events: Engage in vibrant community events that celebrate local culture.

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Local Zip Codes for the Area

  • 76226
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Ready to elevate your Lantana landscaping? Contact TLC The Landscape Company, today for a personalized consultation and embark on a journey toward a captivating outdoor space that reflects the beauty of Lantana, Texas.


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