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Flower Mound Tree Service

We provide a range of landscaping services, handling everything for you – sprinkler repair, drainage, tree trimming and more!

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If you’re in search of an exceptional Flower Mound tree service, look no further than TLC The Landscape Company. With over a decade of experience serving Flower Mound and its surrounding areas, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of expert tree care solutions. Our team are skilled tree care specialists who are dedicated to transforming your landscape with professionalism and top notch tree service.

Tree Service in Flower Mound, TX

Tree Removal

Tree removal becomes necessary for various reasons, such as diseased, dead, or hazardous trees. Our tree removal services are conducted with utmost safety and efficiency, ensuring that your property remains undamaged during the process. We have the expertise and specialized equipment to handle tree removal projects, from small shrubs to trees.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Proper tree trimming and pruning are essential for the overall health and aesthetics of your trees. Our skilled team carefully assess each tree’s condition and needs before doing tree trimming and pruning. By removing dead or overgrown branches and improving the tree’s structure, we promote healthy growth and reduce potential risks during storms.

Stump Removal

Unsightly tree stumps can mar the beauty of your landscape and pose tripping hazards. Our stump removal services employ advanced techniques to grind stumps below the surface, leaving your yard smooth and safe.

Emergency Tree Service

When nature strikes unexpectedly with storms or severe weather, our emergency tree service team is ready to respond promptly. We are available to address urgent situations, providing fast assistance to clear fallen trees and limbs, minimizing property damage, and ensuring safety.

The Best Tree Service Flower Mound Has to Offer

At TLC The Landscape Company, we prioritize trust and customer satisfaction with our clients. Our team embodies qualities such as reliability, credibility, and professionalism. As a fully licensed and insured landscaping company, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your property is in safe hands.

Reliable Services: We take pride in delivering reliable tree care solutions that cater to your specific needs and exceed your expectations.

Credible Reputation: With a reputation for excellence, our customers trust us to provide top-notch tree services that yield exceptional results.

Professionalism: From our customer interactions to project execution, we maintain a high level of professionalism in all aspects of our tree service.

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If you’re seeking exceptional tree service in Flower Mound, TX, TLC The Landscape Company is your ultimate choice! Our team of experienced tree care specialists are committed to ensuring the health and beauty of your trees and landscape. With a focus on trust and reliability, we strive to exceed your expectations and deliver solutions that transform your outdoor environment. Contact us today for expert tree care and maintenance services tailored to your needs.


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TLC The Landscape Company also provide top quality landscaping services throughout the Denton and Collin County areas, such as residential and commercial sprinkler repair, tree trimming, sod installation, drainage install, mulching, flower beds and more.

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